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About St. Louis Prestress, Inc.

To produce and ship quality materials on schedule to meet client needs. That’s the St. Louis Prestress, Inc. method and it has been such since we first entered the industry in 1981.

A chief supplier to contractors across the Midwest, we offer a wide selection of precast and prestressed products. From double tees to hollowcore floors and roofs. From structural columns, beams and spandrels to wall panels and bridge beams. Whatever your concrete needs might be, we can address them.

At St. Louis Prestress, we build upon quality + service.

St. Louis Prestress is a certified Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute supplier. Click to learn more.

Precast versus prestressed. What are the differences?

All prestressed components are precast but not all precast components are prestressed. Prestressed materials are reinforced with heavily tensioned strands plus rebar creating an end product with greater strength and durability. While still strong and durable, precast components have some limitation because of the non-use of prestressed strands.

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