St. Louis Prestress Applications

At St. Louis Prestress, we offer a variety of precast/prestressed services and components. The following are just a few specialty applications that we’re proud to put our name on.

State Bridges in Illinois + Missouri

We specialize in the construction of state bridges in both Illinois and Missouri. Such secondary roadways scatter the rural landscapes of both states. By utilizing prestressed technology, a strong, durable bridge is created. This means a well-constructed infrastructure with a heavy load capacity.

Commercial Applications

Double Tees.
Combining the strengths of both steel and concrete, double tees are ideal for long, uninterrupted spans. They provide the heaviest load-carrying capabilities and are perfect for floors, roofs and wall panels. Most often, double-tee technology is implemented for stadiums, parking garages and industrial warehouses.
Beams + Columns.
Our beam and column components are designed for both rapid connection and general aesthetic appeal. These elements combine the compressive strength of concrete with the tensile strength of steel, resulting in a stronger yet leaner building material.
Wall Panels.
Our wall panels can be combined with various structural systems and incorporated into nearly any building design. They are well suited for the exterior shells of buildings as their strength is optimal.


A versatile, prestressed concrete material with superior load-carrying capabilities. It’s produced by combining high-compressive strength concrete with high-tensile stressing strands. Dense, durable and economical, hollowcore offers unsurpassed quality unattainable in field casting. We specialize in the manufacturing of hollowcore flooring and roofing slabs; all of which meet or surpass the high-quality requirements of industry-wide building standards. They have a minimum of a two-hour fire rating and are suited for both commercial and residential use.

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