Why precast?

What are the benefits of using precast/prestressed concrete materials versus traditional concrete applications? There are several. Here are just a few:

Time Efficient.
Concentrate on your construction efforts on-site. Let us begin building large portions of your needed materials off-site.
We are a certified Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute supplier. That means a reliable, strong product suitable for any job.
Options in Aesthetics.
By providing a variety of unrivaled, aesthetic characteristics including textures, finishes and designs, precast/prestressed components are the logical choice for your construction site.
Precast Engineering.
We have established relationships with some of the most experienced and recognized engineering firms in the precast/prestressed industry.
Our materials are produced under PCI guidelines and are composed of current acceptable admixtures. These materials help minimize long-term maintenance costs and will improve the durability of the concrete components. Not to mention, they’re naturally non-combustible which can lead to lower insurance rates and often help maintain a structure’s overall value.
Precast/prestressed buildings require little to no maintenance and are a long-term, low-cost time saver. That means you’ll be able to have more time available to do the important things like concentrate on the task at hand. And ultimately, you’ll be able to direct costs elsewhere.
Space Versatility.
Large, open interior spaces are possible when using structural precast/prestressed concrete. This makes precast/prestressed technology ideal for offices, retailers, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
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